Sunil Gavaskar: The Original Batting Don Celebrated by Pakistani Legends

Before Sachin Tendulkar was christened the “Little Master,” the title belonged to the legendary Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar, a formidable force in cricket, was a walking nightmare for premier bowlers during his prime. Even Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev revered Gavaskar as a god-like figure in cricket. Influenced by Gavaskar’s remarkable prowess, Master Blaster Tendulkar went on to inspire the next generation of cricketers. On the occasion of Gavaskar’s 75th birthday, members of the Pakistan cricket fraternity also paid tribute to the ‘original batting don’ of Indian cricket.

Pakistani Legends Pay Tribute

Prominent Pakistani cricketers, including Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Mushtaq Muhammad, Sadiq Muhammad, Shoaib Muhammad, Mohsin Khan, and Iqbal Qasim, extended their heartfelt birthday wishes to the former India skipper. Zaheer Abbas, in particular, lauded Gavaskar’s invaluable insight into the game. “Now that you have completed 75, I pray you carry on your magnificent innings in life,” Abbas told PTI. “Like his batting, his insight into the game is invaluable. He was the original batting don of Indian cricket. I learnt a lot from just watching him bat up close.”

‘The Most Valuable Wicket for Pakistan’

Javed Miandad, a legendary Pakistani cricketer, reminisced about Gavaskar’s impact on his team during the 1992 World Cup. “I remember in 1992 during the World Cup his words of encouragement for the Pakistan team boosted us. His was the most valuable wicket for us whenever we played against each other. His was a prized wicket. I wish him all the best on his birthday,” Miandad said.

‘Batted Like a Wall’

Former Pakistani captain Mushtaq Muhammad emphasized that Gavaskar, along with the late Bishen Singh Bedi, was the backbone of Indian cricket in the 70s. Mohsin Khan, another notable cricketer, fondly recalled his friendly banter with Gavaskar. “Whether we played against him in Karachi, Mumbai, or Sharjah, when he batted he was like a wall. He played a big role in the evolution of cricket in Sharjah. Wish him the best,” he added.

The Legacy of Sunil Gavaskar

Gavaskar’s influence on Indian cricket is undeniable. According to Zaheer Abbas, India produced batting greats like Tendulkar and Virat Kohli because they had a role model like Gavaskar. His technical proficiency, mental fortitude, and sheer determination set a benchmark for aspiring cricketers.

As Sunil Gavaskar celebrates his 75th birthday, it’s clear that his legacy extends far beyond Indian borders. Revered by cricketers worldwide, his contributions to the game continue to inspire generations. The accolades from the Pakistani cricket fraternity underscore his unparalleled impact on the sport and highlight the mutual respect and admiration that transcends national rivalries.

Sunil Gavaskar remains an iconic figure in the cricketing world, the ‘original batting don’ whose influence will be felt for many years to come.

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