Virat Kohli Receives High Praise from Legendary West Indies Pacer

Legendary West Indies pacer Wesley Hall has seen numerous great batters over the years, and in his opinion, Indian superstar Virat Kohli belongs right at the top with the all-time legends of the game. The 86-year-old from Barbados, who formed a lethal bowling partnership with Charlie Griffith in the 1960s, also believes that modern-day West Indies players cannot be expected to turn down million-dollar contracts in franchise cricket, even though it impacts the health of Test cricket in the region. In stark contrast to the nomadic life of a current international cricketer, Hall played 48 Tests in a career spanning 16 years.

A Special Guest at Kensington Oval

Wesley Hall was a special guest at the Kensington Oval on Tuesday when he met members of the Indian team. During his visit, he presented his autobiography to Kohli and head coach Rahul Dravid on the sidelines of their second training session. Having also served as sports minister of Barbados, Hall, a man of many talents, reserved humbling words for Kohli in his brief chat with the former India captain.

A Humble Encounter

“You have come to practice and you have to see an old man,” Hall joked to break the ice with the Indian mainstay. “I have seen a lot of great players and you are one of them. I have followed your career and I hope you play for India for many more years,” said the 86-year-old, expressing his admiration for Kohli’s accomplishments and dedication to the sport.

The Economic Reality of Modern Cricket

Wesley Hall, a stalwart of West Indies cricket, reflected on the current state of the game in the Caribbean. He acknowledged that while T20 cricket in the West Indies seems to be thriving, the same cannot be said about Test cricket, the only format he played and excelled at.

Challenges Facing Test Cricket

The Caribbean icon feels that cricket administrators need to find a way to prevent a mass exodus from the longest format. “Well, I would say that if your date is today, I’m not concerned. But if you told me two years ago, I was very concerned. And that’s what happens,” he said when asked about the state of the red-ball game in the region.

Economic Temptations

Hall highlighted the economic temptations that modern players face, making it challenging for them to commit to Test cricket. “If I am from the proletariat, I don’t have any money and somebody offered me a million dollars for four years, well then I could not really refuse it. So we have to sort of deal with it in such a way that it doesn’t happen every day,” he explained.

Evolution of the Game

Hall also shared his views on how the game has evolved over the years, particularly expressing his concerns about the batter-friendly nature of modern cricket. “Well, one has to be aware that things will change. Now we are wondering what’s happening, especially if you go into the area where you play the game of 20 overs. There are certain things that I wonder about,” he said.

Modern Cricket Dynamics

“I just wonder why would batsmen be able to bat through the whole innings, the bowlers are restricted to four bowlers. I often ask that.” Hall, who stands at an imposing 6’5″, believes a good fast bowler needs to be at least six feet tall to generate the necessary bounce and impact on the game.

Admiration for Indian Pace Talent

Hall expressed his admiration for the current crop of Indian fast bowlers, particularly singling out Jasprit Bumrah. “Earlier you had only Kapil Dev, now you have so many,” he remarked, reflecting on the evolution of pace bowling in India. “You have to remember that immediately after we left the scene, you know, we had about two fast bowlers in the West Indies. Some of them couldn’t get in the side. We need to look for some good pacemen.”

Kohli’s Legacy and Impact

Virat Kohli’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary. As one of the most prolific run-scorers in modern cricket, his influence extends beyond the field. Kohli’s passion, dedication, and aggressive style of play have redefined what it means to be a cricketer in the 21st century.

Consistency and Excellence

Kohli’s journey from a promising young talent to one of the greatest batsmen in the world is a testament to his hard work and determination. His ability to consistently perform across all formats of the game has set him apart from his peers. Whether it’s scoring centuries in Test matches or leading India to victories in limited-overs cricket, Kohli’s contributions have been invaluable.

Leadership and Inspiration

As captain, Kohli has led India with distinction. His leadership style, characterized by aggression and a never-say-die attitude, has inspired a new generation of cricketers. Under his captaincy, India achieved significant milestones, including a historic Test series win in Australia.

Hall’s Insights on Fast Bowling

Hall’s insights into fast bowling are rooted in his experience as one of the most fearsome pacers of his time. Standing at 6’5″, Hall used his height to generate steep bounce, making life difficult for batsmen.

The Art of Fast Bowling

According to Hall, a good fast bowler must possess several key attributes: height, pace, and the ability to extract bounce. “I like a paceman that is six foot. When you put a ball in the slip corner, like how Big Bird Joel Garner used to do it, and (Curtly) Ambrose. These fellows, they bowl and they’re able to get that bounce,” he explained.

Comparing Eras

Hall also noted the differences between the eras of cricket. During his time, the emphasis was on raw pace and bounce. Today, while these qualities remain important, fast bowlers also need to be versatile, adapting to different formats and conditions. The emergence of bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, who combines pace with precision, reflects this evolution.

The Future of West Indies Cricket

The state of West Indies cricket has been a topic of concern for many years. While the region continues to produce talented players, the challenge lies in retaining them for the longer formats of the game.

Reviving Test Cricket

Hall believes that reviving Test cricket in the West Indies requires a multi-faceted approach. This includes improving the domestic structure, providing better financial incentives, and fostering a culture that values the longest format. “You just need to get some players who will stick with you. I mean, at one time, we had some great players, but they weren’t playing Test cricket. But that’s the problem, you see,” he said.

Embracing T20 Success

At the same time, Hall acknowledges the success of West Indies in T20 cricket. The region has produced some of the best T20 players in the world, and this format has brought significant financial rewards. However, balancing this success with the needs of Test cricket remains a challenge.


Wesley Hall’s admiration for Virat Kohli underscores the respect that the Indian batsman commands across the cricketing world. Kohli’s exceptional career, marked by consistent excellence and inspirational leadership, places him among the greats of the game. As cricket continues to evolve, the insights of legends like Hall provide valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the sport.

The economic realities of modern cricket, particularly the lure of franchise T20 leagues, pose challenges to traditional formats like Test cricket. Hall’s reflections highlight the need for a balanced approach that preserves the essence of the game while embracing its commercial potential.

As the cricketing community navigates these changes, the legacy of players like Wesley Hall and Virat Kohli will continue to inspire future generations. Their contributions to the sport serve as a reminder of the enduring appeal of cricket, a game that transcends eras and unites fans across the globe.

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