Is BCCI Approaching Ms Dhoni For Team India Head Coach?

The Indian cricket team’s coaching carousel is set to spin again as Rahul Dravid’s tenure approaches its end after the T20 World Cup later this year. The BCCI has been busy scouting for his replacement, with several big names like Ricky Ponting, Gautam Gambhir, and VVS Laxman thrown into the mix. However, reports suggest the board might have zeroed in on their top target – Stephen Fleming, the current head coach of the Chennai Super Kings.

There’s just one hitch: Fleming’s reluctance to commit to a long-term contract. The BCCI desires a 3-year deal, taking the team through the 2027 ODI World Cup. This clashes with Fleming’s current coaching commitments across various franchise leagues like the US-based Major League Cricket and South Africa’s SA20, where he helms sister franchises of CSK. Additionally, the demanding schedule of the Indian team would significantly limit his family time compared to his current roles.

Is BCCI Seeking Towards MSD for Head Coach?

Enter MS Dhoni, the iconic former Indian captain and Fleming’s teammate at CSK. Here’s where things get interesting. According to a Hindustan Times report, the BCCI believes Dhoni can be the key to convincing Fleming. The source quoted in the report highlights, “Fleming hasn’t said no. He has reservations about the contract length, but that’s not uncommon. Even Rahul Dravid had initial hesitation, but he was persuaded. Dhoni is the perfect person to do the same for Fleming.”

The report further acknowledges the BCCI’s misstep in approaching Dhoni during the IPL season for this purpose. “Opening channels with Dhoni during the IPL wasn’t ideal, but now it may be worth a shot,” the source added.

This strategy hinges on the strong relationship between Dhoni and Fleming. The duo has enjoyed immense success together at CSK, fostering a deep understanding and mutual respect. Dhoni’s influence within the cricketing fraternity is undeniable, and his endorsement could significantly sway Fleming’s decision.

However, convincing Fleming wouldn’t be a cakewalk. He would have to make significant sacrifices, relinquishing his coaching positions in various leagues and potentially relocating his family for a longer period. The BCCI might also need to consider offering him a more flexible schedule or additional support staff to manage the workload.

One thing’s for sure: the upcoming months will be crucial in determining India’s next head coach. Fleming, with his experience and success in franchise cricket, presents a compelling option. But whether Dhoni can pull off a masterstroke and convince his former captain remains to be seen. This intriguing saga promises to add another chapter to the rich history of Indian cricket.

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